Thursday, April 21, 2011

thursday's ten: if i were gonna buy an easter dress...

(which i'm not)...
but IF i were

here are 10 options that i would most definitely consider :)

1-4 from anthropologie

5 - 6
from victorias secret

7. from j crew
8. from ann taylor
9. from ann taylor loft
10. from new york & co

what about you?  what's on your dress wish list?
(i'm not getting one...because a wedding dress is on the horizon.  and a rehearsal dinner dress.  and a party dress for the girls night before.  no need for an easter dress too...)



Brooke said...

the first one and the ann taylor choices are my favorites, but even the Loft outlet is out of my budget! :P oh well i can make do with something i already have.

Casondra said...

LOVE 1-4 and the ann taylor dress.

Tash said...

oh my word i want these all :) lets buy them and share them hahahaha! i think i am going to use a dress i already have. you are welcome to shop in my closet to "pretend" to have one :)

Jayne Martin said...

I love all of them, but as I've gotten older my arms have become my "shame" area. You wouldn't think someone who is a size 4 would have a shame area, but no one told me to beware of crepe-papery arms. But I bet I could throw a light sweater over my shoulders. It would be nice to have a new summery dress.