Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) .8

hey, it's ok!

...to love law & order: uk because of the accents and wigs
...to plan out menus every week
...to often scrap said menus on day 2ish because you totally underestimated your level of busyness
...to heart fruit roll-ups at the age of 30
...to still get a little giddy when looking at my ring finger
...to hide from status updates on certain nights, until you've watched the show that everyone else is talking about (helloooo grey's last week that i still haven't watched!)
...to be a few days into tornado season and beyond ready for it to be over. the sirens make it hard to take a decent nap!

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Tash said...

I also avoid status updates :) and I now want to keep an endless supply of fruit roll ups and foot by the foot in my house after last week!

Brooke said...

thanks for the meal planning reminder! also? i still get giddy sometimes looking at my rings :)