Wednesday, April 6, 2011

what i'm loving wednesday .1

i'm finally jumping on the bandwagon of this one. i've loved reading everyone else's for so long!

so, here's what i'm loving today!

i'm loving that it's supposed to get upwards of 80゜ today.  hellooooo walk & tan!
i'm loving that so many of my favorite shows are on on demand.  more dvr space for me.
i'm loving kid pajamas.  you know, the zip-up footie pj's.  so.stinkin.cute.
i'm loving baileys coffee creamer. 
i'm loving my cute little car.
i'm loving the new cell group members who we got to meet last night!  spiritual community is just growing by leaps and bounds :-) (and it doesn't hurt that they all have blogs...)
i'm loving my weekly lunch making dates with natasha.  today on the menu: pasta caprese
i'm loving my amazing fiance.  which goes without saying, but i still wanted to say it :D



Lucy Mills said...

Lovely weather this side of the pond, too. However, I do not tan that quickly. By the end of the summer I may have just begun to freckle...sigh.

Brooke said...

the weather is only supposed to get better this week! :) love!

audrey said...

I was hoping you would start doing this too so I can read what you love :) oh.. and FAIL.

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

You're loving so many great things!