Sunday, April 10, 2011

right now i need the ocean

i need to plant my feet in the sand
knowing that at any moment one of the lapping waves could throw me off balance

i need to pick up the smoothest shell i see
caressing it and realizing that it went through many turbulent waters to become so polished

i need to close my eyes
smelling and feeling the salty wind
that will leave reminders on my hair and skin long after i have left the ocean shore

i need to stare out at the great expanse of sea
and remember that my God is bigger than this...and bigger than any problem i face

i need majesty to overwhelm me
i need splendor to overcome
i need that feeling of being a part of something so much greater than myself

just for a moment
if that's all i get
but for as long as possible

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Tash said...

cries of my heart as well my friend.

Brooke said...

there is something magestic about His ocean isn't there?