Thursday, April 28, 2011

thursday's ten: things that make me go "huh?"

today's ten list

is one of those not-so-rare glimpses into my mind
where i'm a little baffled by the environment around me. for example

1. the royal wedding is not only trending on twitter, it's a promoted trend. do they NEED any more promotion? and who exactly is getting the proceeds there?!
2. on my least favorite kids show that finn likes: teacher suzie never comes up with her own lesson plans. she always waits for a 3 year old to do it. AND she's clearly a failed singer. she must live in nashville. the "big thing" she does for her kids every day is perform a song for them. i'm sorry, but most 3 year olds wouldn't sit still for half those songs.
3. storms have devastated the southeast, yet we're more concerned with a royal wedding. it's not that i don't wish them well, and it's not that i may not tune in to see the dress at least, but let's give a little bit of recognition to those suffering in georgia and alabama (among others). the death toll is over 200 as of right now.
(and it totally reminds me of last year when nashville flooded and the only news was that of a bomb threat in nyc that turned out not to be for real after all. is it any wonder i get irritated with media priority?!)
4. why are people so fascinated by trash tv? i'll just leave it at that...because i don't want to give any more recognition than these shows already have.
5. is it just me or are allergies WAY worse this year than most here in mid-TN? i want to chop my sinuses out on a daily basis.
6. why on earth do people participate in those copy and paste statuses on facebook?  you know the ones.  "it's CAT week!  if you have a cat who makes your life better, please post this in your status."
and people DO.
7.  on the facebook/twitter people not read what they write?  like, ever?  i so often want to bring my red correction pen to facebook with me...
(and yes i know i type without capital letters, but at least i KNOW i'm doing it.  i know how to type correctly.  and i apologize if it drives any of you crazy :-)
8.  i know, i know, i KNOW that whole wheat pasta is better for you.  but i don't get it.  how can you all stand eating cardboard?!  gimme my white pasta and i'll just eat less of it.
9.  the "end of the world" billboards.  if you haven't seen them, you don't live in the south. ;)
10. fast food restaurants that serve way too many options.  like fish at a burger place.  i don't trust mcdonalds to do a good fish sandwich, sorry.  and i heart mcdonalds, for real.



Bethany said...

Yep, I hear you on the whole wheat pasta. It's just not as yummy imo!!!!

I'm craving a milkshake from McD's....

Tash said...

UGH! I am about to scream if I see one more thing about the Royal Wedding. I said that on my It's Okay Tuesday... and I think it even more today after all that has happened. get. a. life. people.

allergies. suck. and mine are way worse! (this year... not worse than yours ha ha) I did not even have them last year hardly... and now I have them times 10.

I don't trust fish from any fast food place ha ha. so i agree!

i only disagree with the pasta :) i love whole wheat pasta and whole wheat everything else. BUT again I did grow up with it.. i was not allowed to have white anything... so maybe that is why?

Brooke said...

sick of the RW
actually like whole wheat pasta (although not brown rice)

and i have to lol at the "if you know someone who is affected by stupid..." on FB. i've reposted just b/c its clever. the rest? blech.