Saturday, April 23, 2011

it's a great day to cook a lot!

today i'm in the kitchen quite a bit
first making a potato salad for a gathering tonight
then putting together my angel food cake for easter tomorrow

before (or between) these two i'm also meeting with a family to discuss a summer position with them.  if it works out i'll be working 33 hours/week spread over 3 days.  between that, the fact that another family has asked about 1 day per week and my piano lessons i can stay pretty busy all summer long!  which is good...because hellooooo wedding money!

speaking of weddings, we've selected our photographer.  i'll post her website here once we've signed the contract...but we're WAY excited about her.  and i'll tell you more about her when the time comes :D

hope you all have a lovely weekend, celebrating God's great LOVE for us.



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