Friday, July 30, 2010

what's that? you wanted beach pictures?

ok, maybe not
but i'm sharing them anyway :)

first, the beach story

so, thursday my friend meghan called
and said
"i'm in serious need of some girl time
and to get out of nashville
and see some place beautiful.
so...if i pay for hotel and gas
would you please go with me to florida for a day?"

(i didn't have to think about it for long.
i checked with anthony since i felt bad leaving him right after his grandma's funeral
and he said "are you kidding??
as much as you love the beach
you HAVE to go")

so sunday afternoon
when i got back from encounter
i quickly switched dirty clothes for clean
hung out with anthony for a few moments
and eagerly awaited my ride

laura and meghan arrived at 4:45
we packed up the car
grabbed a few snacks
i kissed my boyfriend goodbye
and we piled in

on the way, laura and i shared with meghan about encounter
meghan shared her latest news
we laughed and joked
there were even a few tears
revelations came to light for all three of us

it was one of those drives that only happens
with a couple of your best girlfriends

we had a gorgeous moon to look at once the sun went down

eventually laura fell asleep in the back
as did her darling baby
and meghan and i made small
and big
talk in the front seats

we also had a few
"find the blue dot" moments
(the blue dot being the dot on my iphone's gps)

and when we arrived in destin
meghan and i were excited to see our hotel
right next to a...
we literally pulled into the drive-thru lane
and laura popped up from the backseat saying
which made us laugh
a lot

(whataburgers are goooood, but i just got a picture of the drink)

since we got to the drive-thru at 12:29
we pretty much checked into the hotel
brushed our teeth
and collapsed into beds

we slept in a bit the next morning
i grabbed coffee, the girls got breakfast
then we started showering and getting ready
(well, meghan and i did)
and meghan at one point while we were sharing the mirror said
"you know why i'm doing all this, right?"
and i replied,
"of course! for pictures!"

at that point laura said
i was wondering why the makeup and hair straightening..."

anyway, we left the hotel at 11:03
(thank goodness we opted for the late check-out...)

meghan knew her way well
and soon we arrived in seaside

what a FUN little place!
meghan and i enjoyed our temporarily straight hair
there were beautiful walkways and shops
and the taco bar
iz and i found a way to occupy ourselves while we waited for food
(the blocks they gave us to wait with
and the camera)
(take a look at these fish tacos and tell me they weren't worth the wait!)
that's enough with the narration.
i'll let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.
just enjoy :)
(no oil here!)
(izzy feeds mommy)

(meghan reads while izzy sleeps)
(it doesn't even look real, does it? all these were taken with my iphone....)
(laura took this awesome pic of izzy and me)

(i got a little sunburned...but you can't really tell here)

(pretty sky on the return trip)
we got in a little before midnight
laura and izzy crashed on my couch
and i collapsed into bed




Laura said...

What a GREAT time (and great pics)

Debbie said...

That is such a beautiful place. We used to go to Seagrove every year but lately we've been going to the east coast. Not as gorgeous though.

Optimal Optimist said...

Hi Lora! Thanks so much for your comment on my post today- your blog looks great and I'll be checking in again soon! Hope you're having a great day : )