Friday, November 4, 2011

3 in 30: the november ones

one of these days i'll be good about checking in weekly.
but i'm not making that a goal just yet ;-)

so.  first, here's the october progress

1.  get the house i used to live in (anthony's grandpa's) completely cleared of all my junk.
(there's a fantastic hammock, a few random boxes, some trash...we're working on it an hour at a time, basically)
well, we aren't completely done...but our deadline is now november 15.  

2.  (gulp) file my taxes since they're due right at the end of the honeymoon...

3.  find a home for every wedding present in a cabinet, display, etc...and give away all items they "replace"
in progress, but more done than not.  we have a couple of special pieces that i still need to find the perfect spot for, and there are a few duplicates still to return.  but everything that we're donating is in a box in the garage ready for a's sister to look through for first dibs and then we'll find other homes for the rest!

and now for my november goals!

1. rolling over: have grandpa's house cleared of my stuff, except the freezer stuff that we'll keep there.
2. have at least one meal weekly (preferably the evening meal) that is vegetarian or even vegan
3. MOVE.  500 minutes or more of exercise.

and the unofficial one is to blog at least 30 times this month.  that's one a day, yes, but days like today hold two posts, so...



Janet Rose said...

First time visiting your blog...sounds as if there is a wedding ahead of you. Congratulations! Have fun finding homes for new things and new homes for the other things.

Eileen said...

Good luck with your goals. Well done on getting your tax return filed - I've still got to do mine.