Sunday, November 6, 2011

meal planning 11.6 - 11.13

as i mentioned last week, i'm not cooking at home again until i get back from this friday - monday babysitting gig.  so this week's menu is a bit off...

lunch: leftover spanakopita and whatever else we could find in their freezer
dinner: we're getting bbq from our favorite texas bbq place down the road because we're so close!

anthony is on his own.  i believe he mentioned hamburger helper :-)

we have a info meeting on a possible trip at the pub, so yay!  pub food!

stir fry night (his and her bowls)

pizza night -- either calzones or a frozen pizza this week.  we're working on cleaning out the rest of grandpa's house and want it done by the weekend!

tortellini minestrone soup

brunch: blueberry french toast bake (a pinterest find; i'll post the recipe if it's worth it :-) )
dinner: anthony and i are going on a surprise (to him) adventure.  i know what we're doing for dinner, but if i post it here he may read it and realize where we're going, so we'll go with "out" :-)

geez.  what an easy week for cooking!  guess i need to vamp it up a bit next week :-)


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