Thursday, November 17, 2011

thursday's ten: pinterest love

have i mentioned i love pinterest?

today's list is compiled of ten ideas i've ACTUALLY used from the site!  these are the first ten pins i've completed, but i'm sure there will be more editions to come :-)

(1) my very first one was this idea to use magazine racks for pantry organization.  i did this pretty much when i moved in in august.

i started with one...
and ended up with a "few"
verdict: LOVE.  our cans are no longer out of control!

(2) i FLIPPED when i saw the idea of the date stitched into hem of your wedding dress so i asked my friend who was doing the alterations if that was a possibility.  she replied that she was already thinking of surprising me with that very thing!

unfortunately, my dress is currently at the in-laws and i can't post a picture of my result...but i'll try to remember to do that later!

verdict: loved making this my something blue, and love it being permanently on the dress!

(3) then i kept seeing a pin for a crock pot breakfast casserole.  tried it one saturday morning...

even though it went IN looking good!
verdict: one time only.  it was dry and even though it tasted ok, it's nothing spectacular.

(4) then i saw one using spice shelves for organizing the bathroom sink.  since i was frustrated with our medicine bottle organization, i decided to adapt it.

our take on it
verdict: it's not perfect, but it's WAY better than before!

(5) then i saw this one.  it was two dressers back to back to make a kitchen island, but that's not what drew me in.  see, we had repurposed a similar dresser as our entryway piece, and i wanted it not to look like...a dresser!  and i already had some fun bird and branch wall stickers...


i love the bird on top :-)

verdict: i really like i, and so does anthony!  it's subtle, but just quirky enough to be "us" AND bonus: it makes the repurposed dresser "fit" more in the living area.

(6) i thought these crescent roll desserts looked yummy...

verdict: we loved them and experiment with other flavor combos when we make them :)

(7) i found another idea i thought was brilliant: sheets stored in their own pillow cases.  i decided to try it out.

verdict: it may not look as neat as the original but it definitely makes life easier!

just wanted to prove that the closet as a whole is neater than that shelf!

(8) natasha and i wanted to make one of the several recipes we have found on pinterest.  we settled (easily) on buffalo chicken tacos.
we did a build your own bar 
Anthony's plate was a work of art!
verdict: we loved them!  definitely a keeper recipe

(9) the idea of wine cork journaling was intriguing to me -- basically you open a bottle of wine and have the guests who are there that night sign the cork.

our ONE example :-)
verdict: it's a great idea, but we don't open wine for every occasion that we'd like to remember...and some wine isn't corked!  so we'll use it when we have a chance :-)

10) menu dry erase board

 verdict: we've just started using it, but so far i'm a fan!

are you a pinterest lover?  have you used any of the ideas from the site?  tell me!



WhisperingWriter said...

I so need to organize my pantry.

Mattie said...

ooh, I definitely want to do the cans-in-magazine rack one!
I have done a couple of pinterest projects-and had a couple fail spectacularly.

Bethany said...

I discovered Pinterest last week and really love it too. Mostly I'm using it for work, at least for now! :)It's definitely addicting...

Dawn said...

Where did you buy the mesh bins for the cans? They look wider than typical magazine holders, and this style also has the open spot for a handle.