Tuesday, November 15, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) 11.15

hey, it's ok

...to not put up a post yesterday.  it was going to be another wedding post but i simply do not have the photos uploaded yet.
...to have JUST added to my to-do list: upload wedding photos
...to wish i could show you photos of the cuteness i just captured from baby g.  suffice it to say, she's adorable.
...to be having WAY too much fun with siri on my new iphone
...to be considering putting up a "what i'm wearing" post every week or so BUT
...to then realize that i dress quite casually at least 2 days a week so that would likely be boring for you all
...to feel a sense of accomplishment for getting all my food boards on pinterest organized this morning #dork
...to use hashtags outside of twitter as long as it's not #allthetime #likethis #seewhatididthere
...to be ready to have our crap organized and the house looking GREAT
...to realize that is not going to happen in the next week or two based on our schedules
...to have to be ok with that

please visit this great blog to see the original and link up with your own list of things that are ok!


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WhisperingWriter said...

You should do a What I'm Wearing post. Even if you are casual :)