Saturday, November 5, 2011

it's a great day to hike (with a stroller) for a great cause!

today i join friends and hike up a trail
double stroller in front of me

it'll be a fun event for the kids i'm staying with this weekend
there are games, inflatables, and food available after the hike
so i'm sure they'll be nicely worn out just in time to go down for a nap :-)

i think we'll ALL take a nap this afternoon

and then my husband will join us for dinner

a movie night will ensue (it's something they do with their parents on friday or saturday night, so the familiarity will be nice for them)

and then we'll go to bed early, since the boys (2 and 4) will really have no concept of an "extra" hour of sleep.  hopefully putting them to bed a bit late both last night and tonight will result in a somewhat later awakening...

wishful thinking, right?

i hope you all have a wonderful day!  i'll post pictures of our hike if any turn out well...



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