Wednesday, November 9, 2011

what i'm loving wednesday (11.9)

i'm loving that i got to spend the weekend with two sweet boys, 4 and 2

(my standard "respecting privacy" explanation for the backs of heads and through mesh photography)

i'm loving that i'm HOME now

i'm loving that my husband joined us for part of the weekend...and i'm loving that he had the kitchen SPOTLESS when i walked in the house last night for the first time in 4 days.
said husband carrying one child into church while walking next to the oldest. p.r.e.c.i.o.u.s.

i'm loving that our team was the winner for most money raised at the hike for the homeless that i wrote about last week.  i'm SUCH a fan of this organization and i'm grateful that they exist to serve the families who desperately need them.

i'm loving our house, as it comes together slowly but surely.  hopefully i can take you guys on a virtual tour of it soon!

i'm loving "friend dates" that i get to have with my amazing girlfriends!

i'm loving that i have an appointment at the apple store tonight to pick up something else i'll soon be loving!

i'm loving that emi was so happy when i got home last night that she snuggled for a full 5 minutes :-)

it seems like a short list this week, but most assuredly, i'm loving my life and the rich blessings my Papa continues to pour out on us!


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Amanda said...

I'm loving what you're loving :) I've been a little bit Grinchy lately as I hate living in limbo, but I was reminded yesterday that I need to "rejoice always" so I'm going to start in your comments, ha! I'm rejoicing that I live two blocks from a public library with free WiFi. I'm rejoicing that as it's gotten colder this week I have a warm place to stay. I'm rejoicing that I have a peppermint mocha calling my name as soon as I finish this work, and that I have work to finish (even if it isn't what I "want" to be doing, ha!).

:) Happy Wednesday!