Wednesday, November 2, 2011

what i'm loving wednesday (11.2)

i'm loving that today is national *deviled egg* day!  naturally i made my favorite recipe last night :-)  i'm bringing some of them in to share with my office at lunch.  so what if they don't go with my tabouli and spanakopita?  ;-)

i'm loving this handsome guy.  among other things, it's so lovely to know that at the end of each day we end up in the same bed.

(photo taken at rock city on our honeymoon)

i'm loving all our wedding photos!  we're going to have a lot to choose from.  if you're interested in watching, there's a slideshow here.  i can direct you to the purchasing site if you want to see all 460+!  ;-)

i'm loving that my jobs are varied but wonderful.  one day i get snuggles from a sniffly baby girl, the next i'm invited to a wedding in rwanda.  and there are so many other wonderful moments in between!

speaking of work, i'm loving that i'm working more than full time now.  steady and secure.  that was one of the best wedding presents--finding out that my hours were first doubled, then tripled!

and on that note, i'm loving that God has so amazingly proven His faithfulness in our lives time and time again.  He's good, so good.  so many testimonies to that!

i'm loving that emi has (a) finally figured out that anthony lives here now and (b) prefers to be in the same room as us when we get home in the evening.
 (and don't you DARE close her out when you're taking a nap.  she opened the door right after this photo was taken!)

i'm loving all the new recipes i've found and tried the last few weeks.  i'll be posting one on friday.

i'm loving that i finally have time to blog more regularly.  maybe i'll churn out 30 posts in november after all!

i'm loving my amazing friends both locally and at more of a distance than i'd like.  you're all amazing!!



Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Ooh! Deviled eggs. Hmm...guess I know what I'm making today. ☺

LOVED this post! Happy to see you happy and blogging.

Kit said...

My husband will love to know that today is national devolved egg day!!!