Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what i'm loving wednesday (11.30)

i'm loving that emi has similar tastes to mine :-)
(spinach and sour cream dip from trader joe's)
i'm loving this sweet puppy who lived with us for about a week and a half while her family was visiting texas -- she's so much fun!
(emi was not so much loving her though...)
belle :-)

helping us decorate

i'm loving the holiday season, as i do every year.

one of our trees (red and turquoise)

i'm loving the new traditions we're creating while we combine good things from both our families and things we want to do on our own :-)

the wreath on our front door: pine for him, berries for me = perfection
i'm loving the boots i mentioned yesterday

i'm loving my cell group girls...such amazing Godly important in my life
photo by our AMAZING wedding photographer
i'm loving friends i can simultaneously cook and be silly with :-)

i'm loving this, which i'll be explaining a bit more about on a monday soon!

i'm loving going to sporting events with my husband
football (go titans!)
hockey (go PREDS!)
i'm loving that he's my HUSBAND! :-)

i'm loving the sacredness that surrounds this time of year...or at least i'm loving the reminders that all of life is sacred
our advent wreath next to the nativity


katmcd said...

love the tree

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Love the tree! And that wreath is gorgeous!