Tuesday, November 29, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) 11.29

hey, it's ok

...to be pretty certain the new container store at the mall is going to be your new happy place
...to not kare about keeping up with kardashians or how everything they kreate has a k
...to be pretty certain that the previous statement will eventually disappear from your blog because the misspellings are gonna drive you crazy
...to be oh so very thankful for the uber-comfy faux-fur lined boots you picked up for $10.  not only do they get compliments EVERY time i leave the house, they are must-haves for cold weather!

...to not believe baby g when the response to "what are you eating?" is "ummm....tongue."
*insert moment to go swipe the fuzz out of baby g's mouth*
...to be re-making the stuffing and potatoes tonight because we ran out of them first and they were the best.  
...to be considering chucking the turkey after all the other leftovers are gone.  it was good, but come on.
...to be excited that my friend michael logan's song is going to be on one of my favorite shows (parenthood) tonight.
...to once in awhile take a nap when the kid does.  because it's just necessary
...to get this blog up approximately 10 hours past the time you meant to.  oops :-)

go visit amber's amazing blog and make a list of your own!
also, brownie giveaway ends thursday :-)



Tara said...

My daughter is 3 and we still have to fish things out of her mouth. If you ask her what's in her mouth, that's the time she works to swallow it. At least she's not a Kardashian and that makes me happy.

WhisperingWriter said...

I love Parenthood. That's awesome!

Oh, and one of those Kardashian's is pregnant again. Ugh.