Monday, November 7, 2011

monday's memory: so many dresses!

i think one wedding post a week should be enough, right?

so today i'll take you on a journey of finding the dress.

i actually went to david's bridal less than a week after becoming engaged
stopping with a friend to get donuts on the way, because while i wanted to lose at least 25 pounds before the wedding (and i DID!) i was determined not to be completely overwhelmed and driven by that.

i tried on a few dresses that day.  here are a few of them:

 (thank goodness for my lovely friends brittany and natasha who were there for me in spades!)

after my front-runner for that day was spotted several times on facebook by myself, i decided i wanted no part in that dress.  and i didn't REALLY love it that much anyway.  so back to DB i went...several months later and about 10 pounds lighter...with my friend natasha.

several dresses were tried on.  we had a list of favorites, and we texted pictures of the ones we really liked to people who weren't able to be there.

the top runners were these:

and two days later i was back.  and not only was natasha there, every one of my local bridesmaids joined us.  plus anthony's mom, two of his aunts, and his granny.  oh, and plus two of my cell group girls.  if anyone is counting, that's 11 people including the 2 year old flower girl!  quite a party :-)

only 3 of our top 5 dresses were no longer there.  i decided to put a dress back in the running that *i* had loved, natasha had loved, and everyone hated in the picture.  i thought i may as well give them a shot of seeing it in person.  here's the picture we had sent:

i tried on 2 dresses which were received with "oh, that's pretty..." and then put this one on.  as soon as i walked out of the dressing room i heard gasps from everyone.  it was THE dress, and we all knew it.

natasha and i had a lot of fun telling them that they had ALL voted no on the picture of that particular dress.

and then it was time for them to find theirs.  i had always wanted matching bridesmaids, but i had such an array of height/weight/body shape in the 7 girls that were standing with me that i knew it wasn't a possibility.  i told them the color, and they all went searching.

5 girls came back.  5 identical dresses in the right color fit them all perfectly and looked GREAT on all of them.  and they all liked the dress.

at that point i texted the two out of state girls and told them the dress was chosen.  if 5 girls in nashville ranging from size 4 - 20 could look amazing in the same dress, 2 girls from indiana could as well.

the flower girl dress was easy to pick, although they didn't have it in the right color.  but we got the general idea ;-)

and the day of?  it was perfect.  the dress was the perfect weight, length and style for our outdoor wedding, the red was the perfect accent, and the bridal party looked GREAT together.  if i do say so myself :-)
(about half of these are candids.  i have SO many great professional pics to show you...but unfortunately do not have the cd of them with me at the moment!)

(i would apologize for this being picture heavy, but really...i think that's the point of the post, right?)



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Mrs. Pedersen said...

You were beautiful!! That middle picture of just the two of you is precious!