Friday, July 9, 2010

i am determined

- to figure out a way to make sweet tea using my fresh stevia leaves instead of sugar
(anyone have any hints on that? i've not found much online...)

- to become a real coupon lady ;-)
(i had my first every "saved more than i spent" moment this week. ok, so it was a dollar more saved than spent but STILL. can't wait to do more!)

- to make a killer mojito...strawberry or otherwise!

- to eventually have a savings account again...

- to find some adorable pajama pants soon. i heart pajama pants.

- to run/walk the neighborhood soon. but it's so

- to wiifit more often :) i'm averaging 3x a week or so (and actually seeing results!) but i'd rather do daily if possible.



Brooke said...

watch out. couponing can be addictive! :)

HappyascanB said...

I'm trying to be a killer-couponer, too! It's not easy, if you ask me. I attended a workshop - Time2Save. You've probably heard of it since they're from Tennessee. . . .

criticalcrass said...

shop the men's department in winter. get you some roomy plaid flannel. they are the BEST.