Thursday, July 22, 2010

thursday's ten: i confess

true confession time! join me for your thursday's ten confessions if you like :)

i confess

- that i'm often spurred to write a blog post because of my boyfriend's disappointment that i haven't updated in awhile
- that i can be rather lazy when there is a computer, couch, or tv involved
- that i hate yogurt. ok, hate is a strong word. i despise yogurt.
- that i often find myself watching children's programming after the children have left the room
(or that i dvr it for myself)
- that i'm completely addicted to texting
- that i kinda think photoshop is cheating. although if i had it i'd totally cheat.
- that i'm really into america's got talent lately
- that i may never stick to a decent bedtime
- that as much as i love organics, sometimes mcdonalds calls my name
- that i can't remember the last time i had a pedicure...and one is badly needed!

please join in!



Brooke said...

mcdonalds is a weakness of mine too!

my 10 confessions:

InspiredDreamer said...

But the question is, what is your boyfriend saying, and why aren't you writing posts about him then? You know, embarrassing posts. :)

Jasmin said...

I love pedicures too! :) They are a well deserved treat after a rough week of wearing heels for work.