Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday's Ten: i don't get it

this week, in the category of things i don't understand...

1. appetizers for cats. really, fancy feast?

2. twilight teeth. for real, y'all?

3. people freaking out about facebook privacy settings again. most of them i understand, but worrying that your phone number is being published to your friends list? put your phone number up. if you don't want your friends to see it, remove it. easy fix...

4. why no one in tennessee seems to use cages when growing tomatoes. they produce a much sturdier plant than staking them...just sayin'

5. disposable hand towels being marketed for everyday use. i definitely think they can be used in place of paper towels in some situations. but the marketing ploy is basically that your regular hand towels are filthy and this is the solution.
ok, i'm not sure about you, but i'm drying my CLEAN hands on my hand i don't buy it.
talk about NOT being eco-friendly!

6. little girls who say they deserve to continue on in competition because "we've just been working SO hard for SO long". um, even if you've been working 10 years (your whole life) and are immensely talented, i can point you to some adults who would laugh at that. a lot.
(thank you, america's got talent, for that particular gem)

7. why on earth it's taken me over 24 hours and two restore operations to try to update my iphone to OS.4. omgoodness.

8. why i haven't heard more about hot in cleveland. i mean, it's betty white for crying out loud--and it

9. why all the infomercials after midnight seem to be targeted to the older set. i mean, do they really think 60+ year olds are up at 1 or 2 am watching tv?!

10. mashed potatoes from a box. the real deal is the only way to go. end of story.

join me, won't you?



Debbie said...

Hey now. Quit beating up is poor Tennesseans! I am quite guilty of not caging my tomatoes. They are free-range tomatoes! (It's because I can't stand working to reach in that cage to pick and prune.)
I need to watch Hot in Cleveland. Summer is tough for me to catch TV.

HappyascanB said...

Totally agree with you on the facebook privacy stuff. Geesh, people!

Funny story about boxed mashed potatoes. When I was about 5 or 6, I told my Gma I preferred my mom's potatoes over hers because my mom's weren't lumpy. Translation? My mom made boxed potatoes and my Gma's were real mashed potatoes!?!?! Oh MY!

InspiredDreamer said...

Oh my goodness I totally hear you about the phone number on facebook thing. If you want to share it with certain people, make sure your settings are adjusted, but honestly who needs to call you when they can facebook you anyway?? :)

Have an Extraordinary Day!