Saturday, July 17, 2010


friday afternoon
i came downstairs from putting P (3 year old) down for his nap
and K (6) had a big smile on her face
and with sparkling eyes she said

"i've hidden treasures for you to find all over!
and they all have your initials on them
and you'll have to look under things
and in things
and around things
and they're all in the living room
and i'll help!"

and all over the living room
were small pieces of construction paper
that she had labored over

drawing hearts
and pictures of her and i together
and the ones that made my heart melt
that said "I♥U" and "I♥L"

and she did help--if i was near one she would say
"oh, don't forget to look in the drawer"
"there might be one on the train table"
i kind of giggled to myself
because most of her hiding places were oh-so-obvious.

and when i had found all 8 slips of paper
she said "now YOU do one for ME!"
so i obliged
even though there were emails to be sent, and toys to be picked up
i wanted to return the favor
of such a loving and special game

when we were finished and a friend had come to pick her up for an afternoon of play
i continued on with my work
and then it hit me

WHAT a picture of God i received today!

because all through my life
He's hidden treasures
and i have to look under
and around
and inside
and all around my path
but He helps me find them

some of them are small, unexpected blessings
like a phone call from an out of town friend
saying she's coming through town
or seeing someone's facebook status
and it's a scripture or a song lyric that i've been meditating to
and some of them make my heart melt
like holding a newborn
or hearing "i love you"
or being so consumed in His presence
that nothing else matters

and the funny thing is
i'm pretty sure that sometimes i can hear Him say
"lora...look over here"
because the hiding places which are oh-so-obvious
i'm missing somehow

and when it's all done
(though it will never be done)
i want to return the favor
such an amazing, loving God
how can i hide little treasures for Him to find?

this life
is a treasure hunt
with amazing and divine surprises
hidden everywhere
and sometimes
it takes a child to remind us.



Jayne Martin said...

That's really beautiful, Lora -- both the treasure hunt and the way you shared it.

Mattie said...

What a great post! Thanks for the reminder!