Friday, July 16, 2010

a divine email

so a few weeks ago i was at the worship service i attend on monday nights
and they mentioned this retreat called "encounter weekend" that i had heard a lot of great things about
and it happened to be on a weekend that not only was i free
but i had also tried to plan several getaways for that weekend only to find out the people i would have been visiting weren't going to be in town for that weekend only.
so when i saw the dates flash up on the screen i thought "hmmm"

so i went online and looked it up
started to fill out the registration materials
but i never hit "submit"

i kind of went along and forgot about it
back of my mind, but not really a conscious thought
and even tried to figure out if it would be a good weekend for A and i to go up and see the indiana folk

and then this week i got an email
giving me the schedule for the weekend
and saying
"oh, if you haven't paid yet just bring your $ to the retreat center"

and i thought
surely a mistake
so i started to draft a reply saying
"i think you sent this by mistake, i never registered"
but i never sent it

(i did raise my eyebrows
that the retreat site is way familiar to me
as it's the campgrounds for the denomination i grew up in
and i've been there countless times through the years)

and then last night
my friend laura says
"hey, are you going on encounter? they asked me if i knew anyone that i could room with."

at that point i laughed
and said
"well, it hasn't been in my plan
but SOMEONE sure is planning it"

so long story short
(or, erm, long)
i'm going to a retreat next weekend
and i have no idea what to expect

but SOMETHING is going to happen
of that i am certain.

(i redrafted that email
and sent it off just now)



k80 @ onegirlsjourney said...

Cool! I love when things like that happen! Can't wait to hear what happens! Something like that happened to me w/ a Beth Moore Bible study and it was nothing short of LIFE-CHANGING for me!

Bethany said...

Well have a great time! That's awesome! :)