Thursday, July 15, 2010

my experience with updating my iphone (3g) to OS 4.0

did not go exactly as planned.
which was frustrating, because you would think my macbook would communicate with it well.

i tried several times to run the "update" with no luck.
and by no luck i mean it would start a backup and after several hours would still be stuck backing the phone up.
so i did what any sensible girl would do.
i googled.

after reading several sites where people had similar issues, i lighted on an answer that seemed to be the most prevalent.
choosing "restore" instead of "update". according to them, this would automatically update your phone to the newest possible update.
sounded good to me.

i knew it would erase all my stuff, but i had faith in the "restore to backup" option.
so back up the phone i did :)

all in all, the process took about 2.5 hours from start to finish. here were the steps:
backing up my iphone (2 min)
restoring to factory settings (30 - 45 min)
waiting for it to restart (5 min)
freaking out that all my stuff was gone even though i had known it would be (5 - 20 min)
praying that the restore from backup would actually work (8 min)
and finally--with prayer--hitting the option to restore from backup and checking back every 30 seconds to see how close we were to fully backing up (1 excruciating hour)
oh, and then waiting for it to restart from THAT backup (5 min)
and waiting for it to sync, which basically meant putting all my music and stuff back on it (another 30 min)
having a momentary panic attack when i opened my text messages and saw they were blank...but only for a second. then the last one i had received came up, which made me smile--mostly because it was from my honey and said 'love you' :D (5 seconds)

i am happy to report that all is well...and those 2 hours spent doing all that were less stressful (even with my mild freakout) than the several hours (longest stretch being--i believe--approximately 8 hours with little to no movement on the task bar).

so why did i write this all out?
because there's probably other people out there who have run into similar problems and are unsure if this is the right solution.

so if you're not an iphone user, my apologies. will a cute picture of emi help?


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