Tuesday, October 5, 2010

...check the small things first...

so, you know i have this "new" car
and i'm loving it, truly

i've known for about a month that i need a new hose for the turbo
which the guy who sold me the car is working with me to replace
and while that means that the "malfunction" light is on
no biggie

(although i'll need to replace it by winter at least)

so the other day i noticed a couple of times when i would climb a hill the car would seem to struggle
which i thought was probably a side effect of no turbo
and when a warning light came on a couple of times
i looked it up

it was the "anti-slip regulatory" light
the light that warns you that the anti-slip system has somehow been turned off or compromised
it said it could be related to the engine, braking system, or tires
since i knew there was an engine problem
(the turbo)
i just assumed it was related

thursday the car was acting REALLY funny
like the light came on and stayed on
i could barely make it up ANY hill
and on my way down it would skid -- like it was acting like it was on ice

i was terrified

and of course called the guy who sold it to me
and asking him to PLEASE bump up the time of repairing this
surely it was related


i was on the way to a babysitting job thursday evening
driving like a grandma
partly out of fright
mostly out of necessity (it wouldn't go very fast)

when a car pulled up next to me at a light, beeped
and the person inside began gesturing wildly
and mouthed the words
"your tire is flat!"

that could definitely be the problem

and sure enough
i stopped at the next gas station
it was flat as a pancake

i filled it with air
and have not seen that light again

check the small things, lora
check the small things.

(this can obviously be related to many things in life besides car stuff...i'll let you make your own correlations)


Vanessa said...

Glad that is all that it was!!! Could have been worse...

Check the small stuff...always a good thing to do first. :)

Brooke said...

lol! you sound like me. i had a flat - absolutely no air in the tire. jay noticed and said "didn't you feel it drive funny?" of course not. i'm oblivious!

Bethany said...

Um you sound like me! Lol!

One time I was driving from my parents place home. After about an hour of the trip, traffic came to a standstill. Plugging along verrrry slowly. All the sudden a truck driver on the passenger side says, "hey you have a flat" ughhh so I keep going, trying to get to the rest area which I can see ahead, but we are still crawling. Next thing I know, people on my side are telling me I have a flat. I'm all confused then and tell AAA that I have TWO flats...sigh. It was just one, but now I am vigilant about those tires!!