Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wishing on wednesday

  one of my favorite bloggers does a regular feature that i i'm joining her for the first time!

so, here's what i'm wishful for.  and because i saw a theme with the first couple, i'm just making it a theme :0)

a food processor, a kitchenaid mixer (red please), a cute apron, one of those awesome choppers from williams-sonoma, pampered chef batter bowls and pizza stone.

i'm thinking some of these will be on a wedding registry one of these days ;-) but i may have to get the food processor pronto :0)



Vanessa said...

I love, love red!!! And as for loving, add that apron to the list! How cute is that!?!?! I would also love to have everything on your wish list!! :)

Mattie said...

Just your luck, I am having a Pampered Chef party next month! LOL.

Casondra said...

I'm loving that apron! :)

Amber said...

Great list, and cute stuff! I would use everything but the apron and the pizza stone. I personally have never owned an apron and don't think I would wear it. Though it would look cute hanging in my kitchen. And I don't like pizza that much, definitely not enough to buy a whole stone dedicated to it.