Friday, October 8, 2010

Fitness Friday: could it be??

in principle, i'm not a fan of fast food
in practice, however...

i head through the drive-thru more often than i'd prefer
simply because fast food is just.that
and easy...

i found this article from fitness magazine that gives a few tips and tricks for getting through the drive-thru windows of kfc, mcdonalds, taco bell, wendy's and pizza hut.

great.  the only one of those restaurants i come close to frequenting is mcdonalds.
(they have the best.drinks.ever)

so i looked around a little more and found this article on
it's a little more generic, and common sensical.  it breaks down the CATEGORY of restaurant (burger joint, taco place, chicken, pizzeria, sub shop, etc) and gives you a guide to less healthy and more healthy options.

bottom line: should you (or i) be eating fast food on a daily basis?
absolutely not
however, on those occasions where it's more convenient to drive to least make health(ier) choices!


Brooke said...

i could live on taco bell and mcdonalds. granted it wouldn't be a very long life. but i'd be fat and happy. ish.

Debbie said...

I do love me McDonalds tea!