Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday's Ten: yummy!

for a myriad of reasons and new convictions, i'm choosing not to observe october 31st this year as anything other than a sunday where i will be together with friends eating, laughing and (yes) watching a couple of movies.  one will be "scary" but does not in any way glorify the day we aren't observing.

i realize this is kind of a polar opposite switch from my stance on the day last year...but i am kind of wrestling through some things and how i want to live my life.  so while i reluctantly participated in the trunk or treat at my church last weekend, will be watching a couple of thriller movies this weekend (which is find to me only because they are thrillers and not specifically about the day), and bought some obligatory candy to eat i will not be observing the date until further notice.

i'll be happy to explain, although all i have right now is how i feel.  and i'm certainly not going to tell anyone else what to do or tell people they can't enjoy the day or celebrate. 

it's just not for me.

i'll be happy to share more in depth what has led me to my non-observance this year if you like...although honestly right now it has more to do with feeling convicted about it than anything else.  i'll be doing research and a whole lot of praying before (a) next year and *definitely* before (b) we have children.

so, i'm not doing a theme this week about costumes or trick or treating or anything else specifically linked to the day...

but i think it's still fun.

what are your 10 favorite...


here's mine, in no particular order
1. starburst

2. skittles
3. milk duds
4. milky way
5. reese's pieces
6. butterfinger
7. 3 muskateers
8. heath bar
9. bit o honey
10. kit kat/twix

join me in my virtual sugar rush?


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Brooke said...

lol! before reading yours i'd already reposted my costume list from last year :)