Friday, October 1, 2010

Fitness Friday: well, that just makes sense

i'll be the first to admit that my sleep cycles are not normal
i'm working on it though
and this last couple of weeks, i HAVE noticed an improvement
besides biting the bullet and actually crawling into bed a bit earlier
the only other thing that's changed is that i'm exercising more

not a LOT more, just more
and then yesterday i stumbled across this article from msnbc
one of the people mentioned states that an hour of exercise can make up for an hour of sleep
so sleep 7 hours, exercise for one
apparently it's the same benefits

erm, i'll have to work up to 7 hours of sleep a night...
but i think that's a definite possibility

especially since my complaint about going to bed earlier is that i can't fall asleep...
same study shows that regular aerobic exercise can improve ability to sleep

well, fall is in the air
time to put on those running shoes!


1 comment:

Vanessa said...

i'm the same way. i don't usually go to bed until after midnight. 2 being the average. and then get up for school with my daughter and come home and nap. i no longer exercise but certainly PLAN just never works out. LOL