Saturday, October 30, 2010

it's a great day to get cooking

i finally got to cook today: yay!

i know i've mentioned before how i hesitate to cook these days, because i always feel like i'm in the way.
well, over the last few days i've really been resenting that
and i decided to heck with it
i live here
i'll cook if i want to, dammit!

this became even more an anthem this afternoon as i discovered that my olive oil was completely empty
(not because i'd used it...)
and i called anthony to vent 
that i hate feeling like i'm in the way, that i'm annoyed that my stuff (even though labeled) is used without asking, that i sometimes just hate living like this
bless him, he listened
and really, all i needed to do was be mad for a few minutes

i came back home and headed straight for the kitchen
take two, with olive oil this time
and i made my tomato soup, my chicken salad, and reorganized and labeled my part of the pantry
i set a pandora station for worship music
and i even chatted with the nurse who is here today

and i was blissful

i came back downstairs and went outside to my herb containers
i'd discovered earlier today that some of them had revived
so i bought a few replacements while i was out getting the olive oil
and i dug in the dirt a little and planted the new additions

and i was blissful

and now i'm sitting on my couch
watching tv
and sipping iced coffee with bailey's creamer in it

and i am blissful

no, things are NOT perfect here
but truthfully, things are never perfect.

and one thing is for sure:
i'm not going to be kept out of the kitchen anymore
as long as i'm not trying to cook while one of the nurses is also cooking for anthony's grandpa
i'm not in the way
and if the nurses don't want to share space
that's not my concern -- they can move to another room for awhile
because i live here too

and dangit, i want to cook! 



Joanie M said...

Sounds like you need a lock for your cabinet with your stuff.

Vanessa said...

I agree with Joanie. Even though it may be a little at a time and not the greatest big deal at the time, those things add up! And quickly! It is more about the disrespect though. I hope you DO get out and get in that kitchen more!!!