Tuesday, October 19, 2010

so here's the post where i pretend i've not been gone forever

i know, i know.  i posted one week, was gone the entire next week, and came back again for a monday's memory like nothing had happened.

i'm resisting the urge to say "well, it's MY blog" right now.  
(actually, since i just typed that i suppose i didn't really *resist* that urge)
but the truth is last week was crazy busy with extra babysitting jobs and getting tax prep stuff done
(yep, i waited until the last possible moment of the extension...i'm betting if you were in my shoes you would as well)

and this week...i had a fantastic and wonderful surprise
it's fall break
for all the kids in this area
and for ME TOO!

because F's parents are teachers
i don't have him this week
and because all of my piano/voice students are metro students
for a myriad of reasons
every.single.one of them canceled this week's lesson

and bonus: i have babysitting jobs scheduled tomorrow, thursday and friday afternoons...friday night and saturday.  so i'll still be making monies, just in fewer days :)

and my google reader?  it's at a big fat ZERO right now
and i'm about to share my secret with you
it's been an amazing discovery for me

the next button

if you don't know about it, you should
because sometimes i read a post in google reader
and don't bother to click over to comment

and with the next button
no, i don't always comment
but i'm right.there if i want to
so it totally saves a step!

so how to find this elusive "next" button?

1.  open google reader
2.  go to "settings" and choose "reader settings" from the menu that will drop down
3.  open the tab that says "goodies"
4.  scroll down until you see this:
5.  follow those instructions
6.  start clicking "next"!

i have a button in my browser for "reader" so that i can easily click back over when i want...and i've made a couple of "next" buttons for specific tags that i want to read before everything else.

and BONUS: i just discovered that if you scroll down a bit on the "goodies" page there's a way to subscribe from your toolbar as well!  i just did it. 

thank you, google, for making my life infinitely easier!



HappyascanB said...

Love the google reader info! Thanks!

Joann Mannix said...

I truly love that about my Google reader.

I used to be a nanny and I feel your joy! There is nothing like that precious time off. Enjoy.

Laura said...

The google reader thing escapes me.
I don't get any of it nor have I taken the time.
I better catch up soon.
And....I go back and forth with my blog postings too. Hey, I'm with you.
It's your blog.
It's my blog.

Vanessa said...

I love Google also! But I don't read blogs in reader...dunno why but....just don't. A break and then extra money. Gotta love that!

Amber said...

I LOVE google reader. A friend introduced me to it a long while ago and I haven't went without it since. Definitely makes life easier.