Thursday, September 23, 2010


tonight as anthony and i left his apartment to go have dinner with some of his family
we saw a squirrel dashing across the yard and into a tree
with a HUGE nut of some sort in it's mouth
after the obligatory "nut" jokes 
(yes, we're 12 years old!)
we remarked that it was actually pretty impressive
that he was able to move so agilely 
with such a huge load
after all, the nut was literally bigger than his mouth

(this wasn't our squirrel.  image courtesy of google images)

it made me wonder
if the squirrel really thought of it as a burden
a load
something that HAD to be done

or if he considered it abundance
something bigger than he could have dreamed of
a solitary piece of food that he can feast on for awhile
i have a lot of things in common with that squirrel.

sometimes i see things as a burden, when they are actually God's abundance
sometimes a load i'm bearing is actually leading me to a blessing that's bigger than i could imagine
something that seems like a chore is preparing me to feast on His richest food

i think that over the last few months
that's become very real to me
losing my house was a release
releasing me into blessings that are immeasureable
i no longer have the worry of how i'm going to pay the mortgage
because there is no mortgage
and some weeks i literally sit back and LAUGH
as God POURS money my way

and i'm ENJOYING my work
i love what i do
i feel like it matters
and i'm so.incredibly.thankful
for the things in my life that most would consider trials
because for me...they've become some of my richest blessings

i'm SO blessed



Vanessa said...

Awesome! Love how you measured it all up and was able to find the blessing in the burden. :)

Great Post!

Anonymous said...

Great blog Lora. I like the way you explain your feelings and how the Squirrel inspired you to do so here.
I believe that everything happens for a reason and I don't believe we should regret anything (just as long as we haven't done anything really evil I suppose)because if something hadn't happened then neither of us would be the people we are today, eh?

Love the post!

Brooke said...

love the analogy! :)