Friday, September 24, 2010

Fitness Friday: an obesity FORECAST?!

i know
i read that and went "really?"

and the article is here, should you want to read what sparked this post.

i think the line that got me the most in this was the following:
The lifespan of an obese person is up to 8-10 years shorter than that of a normal-weight person, the OECD said, the same loss of lifespan incurred by smoking.
um, wow?

but truly, it's good that studies are being done
i live in tennessee, which is (according to recent calculations) the 2nd fattest state in the nation.
that's not ok

thankfully, our governor sees this as the huge problem it is, and has unveiled a plan to make some pretty major changes
more sidewalks, taxes on soft drinks, more frequent PE classes
among other things

hear me say:
i'm not at an ideal weight
but i am working toward it
i got a little out of control
and i can certainly see how that happens

but seriously
to be the fattest nation on earth
when we have the access to amazing, local produce
(or at least fresh-ish produce for those of you not near great farmers markets and groceries)
and we have the whole world literally at our fingertips
to research how to eat healthful and real food meals
exercise plans for every level of ability and need

what's our excuse?

what will it take for us to take the doritos off our regular buying list
and replace them with (for the same price) a week's worth of crunchy vegetables and hummus?
when will we put down the expensive packaged cookies
and for a fraction of the cost, make a better and more healthful version?
(ahem -- it kind of drives me crazy when people complain about the cost of healthy food
when junk food is incredibly expensive!)

it's not about deprivation
it's about making smart choices

and yes.
i occasionally buy a bag of doritos
but it's not even once a month!
and i bought oreos for the first time in about 2 months yesterday
but i'm sure the cashier was a bit surprised by that addition to an otherwise healthy basket.  ha!
i guess the real question here
is when will we get off our (literal) butts
and start making our health a priority?

(i'm asking myself too)

for me...i need to learn that happy medium.  after struggling with eating disorders for years upon years
i started eating what i wanted 
i embraced recovery
and as i stated above, i got a bit out of control!

but now that i'm learning more about what my body actually needs
how it was designed to function
and how i can eat really good food
and still be healthy?
why would i NOT prefer that over a drive-thru?

all things in balance
all things in moderation
it's not about never eating anything unhealthy
-- unless you're a stronger person than i!
it's about learning to make that the exception rather than the rule.
(and for me...a cheeseburger tastes SO MUCH better when it's been weeks since i've ordered one!)

i'm still working away at my weight loss challenge
(which reminds me...must make an update post about that next week)
my goal is to be at a weight that i'm happy with
and want to maintain
by the time i'm shopping for wedding dresses.

that's my clear and eventual goal
to be thrilled with my body on my wedding day
and beyond
it's a tangible goal

beyond that, i want to raise children
who never have the same body image issues i did
who learn how to have that balance and healthful attitude
that i'm currently striving for

what about you?

you know...we could prove that forecast wrong.
i'm just sayin'


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Brooke said...

you know i actually had a lady at work tell me (and was 100% serious) that i was a bad wife and she didn't see why jay put up with me because i didn't buy chips and soda all the time.

several problems with that (we'll just skip over the whole "he's a big boy, if he wants them badly enough he can go buy them!") but when did we become a culture where feeding someone crap = love?