Tuesday, September 14, 2010


dear blog readers,

remember that
awesome blog project i told you about a couple of weeks ago?

well, we're doing a book club of sorts, and there's a giveaway involved for one of our readers!
so comment on this post to enter!

excited about this one!

dear weather,

could you just stay like this until spring? i'm kind of loving it.

really not looking forward to winter

dear makers of children's shows,

thank you for making some of them bearable. could we chat about the others?

a desperate nanny

dear eyes,

i'm not really sure what your deal is, but swelling up every few days and making it impossible for me to put my contacts in is not really all that wonderful. i'm just sayin'. and i appreciate you taking turns and all, but come ON.

squinting in the sun


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Joann Mannix said...

We had a taste of coolness in the breezes this morning. And that is super exciting for Florida.

Sorry about the swelly eyes. I hate it when I can't put in my contacts.

And I am beyond happy we have moved on from children's programming in this house. Those songs can get in your brain and never leave, like parasitic worms.