Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday's Ten: my dvr cue

oh, how embarrassing this could be :)

is anyone else WAY excited about fall tv?

here's my current DVR least the 10 that i'm most excited about!

1.  law and order: SVU

(and holy mess, what a premiere!)
2.  the mentalist

3.  criminal minds
(speaking of season premieres.  w.o.w.)

4.  grey's anatomy

5.  glee
(as a former music/choir teacher, i know that this is SO far from reality...but it's fun :)

6.  30 rock
(i haven't finished season 4 yet, so this one will just sit in my cue waiting until i finish it...but it's my new love)

7.  modern family

8.  csi

9. desperate housewives

10.  private practice
 ok, and one more.  the middle.  they have NAILED both small-town, and indiana life.

i'm pretty sure you're not as addicted to tv as i am...but feel free to make me feel like less of a couch potato and participate with your own top 10!

(all photo credits go to google images...i just searched the show names)


Brooke said...

as much fun as you and i hanging out would be - we could NOT watch TV together! lol.

i'm not a serious drama kinda girl.

Elle said...

I'm pretty sure I'm about as addicted as you. My list includes: Criminal Minds, Glee, Desperate Housewives, Modern Family, The Middle, The Office, Community, The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, and I know there are some that I am forgetting...My DVR is busy, busy, busy!

Bethany said...

I don't have a DVR anymore, but I will be watching Modern Family, The Middle, Grey's, Private Practice, Castle, Cougar Town, Life Unexpected, Parenthood The Office...and checking out Mike & Molly, Melissa & Joey, Raising Hope, Running Wilde, My Generation...I'm not sure when it happened but apparently I watch a LOT of tv!!!!