Tuesday, September 28, 2010


so, a few weeks ago i remember chatting with God
and telling him, offhandedly, that an extra $xxx a week would be awesome
and was even looking for other part-time nanny gigs to bring that money in

nothing really was materializing
but i wasn't panicking
because i'm pretty solid in the knowledge
that He provides

last week i started noticing little things
really little
like going through 2 different fast food windows and ordering ranch for my fries
(i know, SO unhealthy...whatever)
and instead of receiving 1 package, i'd get 2 or even 3

i texted a friend saying
"abundance is following me!"

last night i dreamed
that i was moving into an apartment with my old college roommates
and that we were trying to cram stuff into kitchen cabinets
and every time we made a decision and filled a cabinet
we noticed more and more cabinets
until finally, we had an entire row of cabinets that lay in wait for us
because we had nothing left to put in them
and an extra stove as well

and then today the final piece of the puzzle
when the office manager for the studio i teach at
called me
as i was sitting on the couch
enjoying the breezes wafting in
watching mindless tv
and editing pictures
enjoying this wonderful day off

and she asked if i were able to take 2 additional students each week
and could i start that as early as tomorrow?

i held back my laughter while we chatted
about the special needs of one of these students
and the time management involved

and when i got off the phone i started thinking
"ok, so with my existing students, the ones that were added last week and these two...
that brings the total to $xxx/week..."
and that's when it hit me
and i REALLY laughed


don't you ever doubt that one

curveballs that life throws you
don't hold a candle
to the ones He has tucked away!


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Vanessa said...

That is AWESOME Lora! God always does have a plan!! :)

P.S...I grabbed your cute little buttons!