Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday's Ten: fall stuff

last week i shared one of my favorite fall things
fall tv

this week...the rest of the good stuff :0)

for the record, i'm not a huge fan of what comes after fall.  but these initial days of breezes blowing through the screen door, tickling the wind chimes, crisp leaves to crunch, warm beverages to delight in...they are what i like.
winter can be skipped.
(although, yes, i'll try to come up with a top 10 list when winter comes too.  most likely #1 will be 'tennessee's is short')


my favorite things about fall

1.  bonfires and outdoor activities
2.  starbucks: pumpkin spice latte.  yes please.
3.  actually, pumpkin anything.  and the cinnamon pumpkin fragrance
4.  gorgeous scenery to capture in a picture
5.  pumpkin delights from little debbie.  i haven't seen them yet this year...i hope they're actually back!
6.  being able to walk/run/jog without being completely drenched in sweat from the moment you step outside
7.  football...yes, i'm hooked.  love going to NFL games, love watching it on tv
8.  blankets on the couch and robes at the ready.  and slippers.  ahhh.
9.  fall clothing.  i do love me some comfy clothes
10.  soup season.  oh, how i love comfort food.  oh, how i love an excuse to make soup!

join me, yes?  what are your favorite things about this season?



Vanessa said...

Yes, fall is wonderful isn't it!?!?!

Vanessa said...

Haha! You did, however, mention fall clothes. LOL And pumpkin delights. They ARE out already. My husband bought 4, yes 4 boxes the other day!!

Lora said...

I love the fall so much.

I've been putting nutmeg on everything, including sprinkling a little in my hair. I smell amazing!