Tuesday, September 28, 2010

on the road again!

the month of september has been full of travels
and i've mentioned every trip here (i think)
but haven't really shared much about them.

so here's the very quick run-down.  if you're friends with me on facebook you can see the full photo albums!

first up was labor day weekend.  anthony and i climbed into a car and headed with our friends andy and mandy to the awesome city of st louis.

there we

stayed in an awesome hotel

(where we played cards -- and slept a few hours)

found angry birds
went to a cardinals/reds game

ate AMAZING food
visited the zoo

and got in a tiny tram and rode to the top of the arch

later that week, i traveled to downtown nashville
where i got to see a bunch of politicians
bill clinton!!

(i'm such a political nerd.  and it doesn't hurt that i kinda love the clintons.)

the following weekend i went with our youth group to the annual retreat.
middle of nowhere
no connection to the outside world (no cell phone service or wifi)
and absolutely a blast

upon returning from the retreat, natasha and i went to our local barnes and noble
where we met
max lucado!

fast forward to the following weekend
where anthony and i jumped in my car and headed to indiana
we visited my parents
and hit holiday world with our friends brian and angie
(who got married this past may)

it was SO fun
and has changed a lot!
we'll definitely be back, hopefully once a year at least :)


and this past weekend natasha and i went to arkansas
where she showed me all around her college town
we got hit on at sonic
had some great cookies at her favorite little shop there
and shopped a little
and then

we saw jason mraz in concert!
and then

we got soaked by sprinklers

and THEN

we met jason mraz
and on the way home, we stopped by memphis zoo

where i saw penguins
(i dubbed these two anthony and lora.  heh )
so yes.  if you've kept track that means that in fact i have not spent one friday or saturday night this month in my own bed

and i gotta say,
it's been a FUN month

but i'm so glad to be settled down for the month of october
with only one possible trip out of state
(i think the cat might stop being mad at me too ;-))


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