Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday's Ten: the random edition

i just realized that i have a LOT of stuff i haven't shared here lately, so (sorry) i'm lumping it into this post :)

1. i get to see bill clinton tonight! he's coming to campaign for the dem nominee for governor of tennessee...and while i'm not really into the whole "rally" idea, i couldn't pass up the opportunity to see a former president for free! i'm actually leaving the house in a couple of hours, having lunch with the boyfriend, and then hanging out downtown for the afternoon. *really* looking forward to it!

2. the whole burning of the Koran thing makes me sad and disgusted. until this morning i had not had even ONE person on my "friends" list on facebook even remotely supporting the idea -- at least publicly. and on my friends list are a LOT of conservatives --both in politics and faith, a bunch that have propagated the idea that our President is of the Islamic faith, and quite a few who are scared of anything but lily-white Christiandom. this morning, that changed. one "friend" i know vaguely from high school said something to the effect of "if he's praying and hears that from God, who are we to say it's wrong?"

on the one hand, i understand the reasoning.
on the other, i think we have to look at the fruit.
the last couple of weeks i've been learning more about the prophetic and how to operate in that gift. and i know this is "out there" for some of you, so bear with me, ok?
the thing about the prophetic is that the message should always be shared in love
if you discern that someone is struggling with depression
you don't want to say "oh, you're depressed and feel hopeless!"
you want to ask what to DO with that knowledge
and speak words of peace, hope and LIFE over them
because God wants to reveal His love to people

i can't help but think that this is similar.
and how on earth is burning someone's Holy Book
showing them God's love and Father Heart?

(i always lose followers when i write stuff like that, so goodbye 3 or so of you. :-)

3. we had an AWESOME time in st louis! i will post pictures here eventually...
although my iphone lost all the ones i took on friday and saturday. i was quite sad about that one...

4. 30 rock is my new favorite thing. in fact, this morning it's trumping all my ideas of getting ready to go see Mr Former President. that should tell you how much i'm loving that show!

5. this weekend is retreat with our youth group kids. since i missed camp this year i'm looking forward to finally meeting our new 7th graders!

6. twitter is becoming more and more addictive. oy.
honestly, i think it's because NONE of my former students or youth group kids are there. or not that i've found. and i'm happy to not have to wonder how people will take what i say there. it's nice :)

7. next weekend i get to take anthony to a place i spent quite a bit of time in as a child. holiday world is not very far from my parents house, and we are (hopefully) meeting one of my best friends from high school (angie) and her husband there for the day.
i'm excited about it...and really hopeful that it's all i remember it to be, lol.

8. and the NEXT weekend i'm going to arkansas (blech) with my friend natasha to see jason mraz! yes, i am fully aware that i live in music city, usa...and that he is here fairly often...but road trips are awesome and especially with good friends.

and for those of you keeping track at home, YES, this means that not one weekend in september am i home. C.R.A.Z.Y. here's to staying home in october! except that i probably won't be staying home the *entire* month...but more on that later

9. hmmm -- this is my favorite day of the year! 9/9 :) my favorite number is 9.
(when i was doing data entry earlier this year i got really excited when someone had entered the country on 9/9/09. i'm a dork...)

10. sometimes iced coffee makes my day. especially when i make it myself so it's way cheap. my new mug from the arch that is the *perfect* shape and size? sometimes it's the simple things...



Casondra said...

This is one follower you WILL NOT be losing!

Brooke said...

i think its interesting that while many people claim the name of Christ, not mean of us bear the same cross. as he was being arrested, peter pulled his sword and chopped off the ear of one of the guards.

not only didn't Jesus repremand him, but he also healed the mans ear and reattached it.

even in the midst of attack, Jesus showed nothing but love and mercy.

to act otherwise is a misuse of his name.

*steps off soap box*

okay maybe not yet ;) this guy is giving those people who don't know Christ plenty of reason not to know him!! and I can't think that makes God anything but heartbroken.

as a wife of an unbeliver who questions everything in the name of God I'm very sensitive to this subject.

Brooke said...

sorry for the typos. i meant "not many of us bear the same cross"

"not only did Jesus repremand him"

Amanda said...

Last night at our midweek service our pastor asked us to discuss it with our neighbors and I was REALLY nervous. People tend to be fairly conservative, and I was afraid they would be supportive. NOT A SINGLE PERSON WAS. He said something really great, "Anything based on destruction is not born of the spirit of God."

Vanessa said...

If you lose followers over something like that...pffft...who needs em anyway! And besides, it's not like you have 2 or 3 (Like someone I know![Me!]!!!)

Holiday World? I used to go there all the time as a child. I lived just outside of Santa Claus, IN until I was 13 or so. Haven't been in years...I certainly hope you're able to go and that you have a great time! In what town do your parents live?

**I always liked Bill Clinton. For the most part. ;)