Friday, September 3, 2010

Fitness Friday: 25 surprising (or not so) nutrition secrets

i loved this article!
because i truly want you to read it, i'm not going to list all 25 secrets here.

i'll give you a few teasers

1 - drink a second cup of coffee
(don't mind if i do!)
9 - cut portions down by a quarter
(that doesn't seem too bad...)
10 - turn off the tv during meals
(i'm guilty...are you?)
15 - work out before lunch or dinner
(cool...that's the best time for me anyway!)
19 - drink 2 glasses of milk a day
(breakfast and bedtime for me :)
22 - choose food with the fewest ingredients
(all those nasty additives, etc)

it's worth a read -- if for nothing else for the explanations behind the numbers!

have a healthy and fit friday


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Anonymous said...

This indeed was a good link to share! Great article!! Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier!