Monday, September 27, 2010

monday's memory: the one with the friends at retreat

once upon a time
i went with my friend lajuana to be her "tech support" when she spoke at a retreat
this picture was taken 4 years ago, at the end of that retreat

she and her husband moved to atlanta almost exactly a year ago
and i still miss her

though she's very much a part of my life
phone calls, though more infrequent than in the past, still happen
visits up to nashville are somewhat often for her
and i have plans to go down and hang out with her as soon as humanly possible.

and one of these days, i look forward to her involvement in my wedding
(and as i've told her often, i can't WAIT to introduce my kids to her)



Brooke said...

its hard when friends move away :(

Anonymous said...

But the great thing about real friends is that the minute you meet up again, you feel as though you have never been away from them!