Wednesday, September 1, 2010

and her name shall be heidi

remember my list of wants in a car?

allow me to refresh your memory. and i'll add a bit of commentary (in green)

1. sunroof (or a convertible...haha)
done. combo moon and sunroof

2. a color that i love. this is different for me based on what kind of car it is, since different cars look good in different colors to me.
i didn't think i would...but the silver looks pretty awesome, i must say
3. i'm not picky about leather or cloth interior...but IF leather, then i must have heated seats
boy, do they ever heat. in fact, i forgot the other night to turn them off after i got home, and couldn't figure out the next day why the ac was running full blast and i was still warm...

4. good sound system (i'm not one of those lovely bass boomin' people at stoplights, but i do like to get in a groove)
so.much.better than any car i've had
5. a sporty look. please, please, no boring sedans. sedans with a sporty edge, sure.
sedan, with a sporty edge
6. good gas mileage. i'm not opposed to an SUV, i just want it to get decent mileage
not only does it get good gas mileage, it tells me at all times it's current gas mileage is, as well as an average of the "trip" you're on

7. lowish mileage. i drive a lot. i have family scattered all over. i'd like to get a few years out of the car.
it's relatively low for being the year that it is...and for the make/model, it's SO not a big deal
8. trunk access in a car (rear fold-down seats, preferably 60/40 split). suv, well that doesn't so much matter.
60/40, easy easy fold down
9. FUN to drive
OH yeah. in fact, anthony drove it this past weekend for the first time and didn't give me back the key for quite awhile! and it's a fun key too :)

10. a good value. i don't want to rip anyone off, but i certainly don't want to be ripped off either. i would prefer not to use my entire insurance settlement...i'd like a few hundred dollars leftover to stock away in savings for awhile.
i bought it at an auto broker for well under blue book. amazing, amazing deal.

so...wanna see her?
that german engineering is the reason for the german name
(and i've told a couple of friends that i feel like i need to put an irish flag decal on it so that i have both sides of my heritage represented!)
sorry the pic quality isn't that hot...but there you have it. a 2003 volkswagen passat...loaded...luxery...and mine
God is GOOD
(just in case you wondered)

and i...
am thrilled



Elle said...

Wooooooohoooooo! Congrats on the new car. Can't beat that German engineering! I love my New Beetle so much, and it is by far the most fun I've ever had driving a car. I am a convert; I will never own anything besides a VW ever again.

Casondra said...

LOVE it!

HappyascanB said...

Isn't it awesome when we make our requests known before God and he goes and provides BETTER! Love it!

I also name my cars; my family does. But we usually prefer alliteration. Addie the Accord, Eddie the Explorer, Patty the Pathfinder, etc. It's fun hearing how you named your new ride Heidi!! Enjoy her!

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