Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday's Memory: the one with the putt-putt golf

once upon a time
there was a girl who volunteered with middle school kids at her church
and after a couple of years of doing this
2 people in her group moved out
and room was made for more to move in.

one of the people who came in was a woman named lajuana
and she was greatly excited about this, because lajauna was one of her closest friends

another person who appeared in this team of volunteers was a guy named anthony

and though no sparks flew between them at first
(after all, there was this age difference…
and she wasn’t looking to date anyone, nor was he)
a friendship began to develop 

one of her first memories of this friendship
is this day 

when then took their kids to a putt-putt golf course
(and 3 kids showed up)
there was fun, laughter and general silliness to be had

and we think the kids had a good time too.

if anthony is asked about that day, i'm sure he will recall that he won by a landslide

 (his words, not mine)
but i remember that he emee'ed every hole
made us all giggle
painstakingly added up the scores
and told us -- in front of the kids -- that "scotch" was his favorite drink
(it's not)

maybe it's not exactly a fairy tale beginning
but i'd rather have mine.


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Debbie said...

Most fairy tales are far overrated anyway!