Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Funny Side of Faith...

It's always good to laugh, right? In fact, the other night Anthony and I were reading our Lent devotion over the phone and one of us tripped up on a word which sent both of us into laughter for a few minutes. My comment at the time was "I'm glad God's laughing with us"

And I meant it.

I think sometimes in the day-to-day life I can take myself--and God--too seriously. Don't get me wrong on this at all--God is to be revered, to be honored, to be given the utmost and ultimate respect. But if I don't assume that He laughs with joy when we are happy (just as He cries when we cry) then I feel like I'm not respecting ALL of who God really is. Does that make sense at all?

So...because I just need a laugh these days, here's a few faith-related funnies.

(this one still has a message)

An entry from one of my new favorite bloggers.

And all you have to do is search "funny church signs" on google to see some examples of human-botched words that turned out pretty darn funny :0)



Shanda said...

Oh, that more could realize how God sings over us and takes pleasure in us! Even in (maybe especially in) our silly moments. There is balance to be had for sure; but even a glimpse into that part of His character is so freeing!

I read "Stuff Christians Like" now and then too. Jon is so funny & dead on most of the time!

The Blonde Duck said...

That cracks me up!

Sunny Mom said...

Yes God laughs, so true!