Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

**upon actually visiting MckMama's blog, it appears as if her baby needs prayers. Please take a moment to think of this family**

It's time again to confess what we (have not) done over the past few days...head to MckMama's blog--click on the button--for more information and to hopefully join us!

I (have not) been a jewelry making fiend over the last week or so and (have not) sold several pieces which (are not) sitting on my dining room table with envelopes addressed ready to go out. I (did not) go to buy jewelry boxes for the giveaway winners the other day only to find out that the store (was not) sold out of the proper color, so I (did not) decide to go on a rampage across middle Tennessee today to find the right boxes, because I (am not) obsessive about that!

I (did not) have a wonderful friend spend the weekend with me. We (did not) sit around and chat, take our recycling off, and just shop around random stores all weekend. I also (did not) just give her directions to meet me at church yesterday instead of making the drive back between obligations. I (would never) be an awful hostess like that. Oh, and in the directions I (absolutely did not) accidentally type "40E" instead of "40W" and that (did not) send her in the complete opposite way of where she should have been. I'd (never) type up directions late at night and make a silly mistake like that.

I (did not) go play cards--Hand and Foot--on Saturday night while my friend went downtown to see her sister in dance competition that just happened to be held here while she was already in the area! I (did not) absolutely LOVE being invited to this party. We (did not) have 3 games going on at the same table, it (was not) a freaking blast, and my partner and I--we drew for them, so it wasn't A--(did not) win. I (was not) sad to see the game end and (do not) look forward to doing that again! {They (do not) hold these tournaments monthly and it (was not) the first time we had been invited as a couple and not just as subs}

At church yesterday I (did not) have friends of mine ask if their 4 year old could sit with me while they did a reading. She (did not) climb up on the seat, hand me a book and proceed to eat cheerios the entire time she was there. She (did not) have the most solemn face the entire time. And last night at dinner, my friends (did not) tell me that she was sooo excited to sit with me, and had actually chosen to sit with me over another person she absolutely adores. I (did not) laugh at the irony.
{by the way, Anthony (did not) come in while said 4 year old was sitting in "his" seat, and he (did not) sit with some friends 2 rows back...and absolutely (did not) sneak into the seat as soon as he had a chance. Cracked me up}

I (did not) take my friend to Trader Joe's yesterday at her request {and I (do not) have the hugest crush ON Joe}. I (did not) nearly hyperventilate when we walked through the doors. I (do not) do that every time I go. It (is not) a good thing that TJ's is across town from my house because I (would not) make an excuse to go there more regularly if it were closer.

And I (did not) buy daffodils at TJ's. Why would I do that when they're everywhere around?

Oh, and in my garden that (is not) almost completely brown...I (did not) notice yesterday that my tulips are blooming! Finally it's (not) spring!



"FINE"al thoughts... said...

I did (not) love this post! And I would absolutely (not) love it if my friend would come visit me and we could (not) chat the weekend away and catch up. You are so (not) funny to make that typo...which of course you did (not) do. I am (not) super happy you visited by blog today and will (not) be looking forward to your 10 favorite things that start with the letter "G"!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

OHHH!! Hand and Foot is the funnest game ever!!!!!!!!! So hard to find, but what a blast! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Shanda said...

Oh, I love Trader Joes too!! Do you have a Wegman's close by? I actually drive almost 20 minutes every week to go there!!

Thank you for searching all over town for the special boxes! I would have loved it even if it came in a brown envelope!!!

Kristin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love your jewelry that you make. I like to make baby stuff and I've been thinking of starting an etsy store too. Hope you have a good week!

Ashley said...

I have heard about Hand and Foot a couple times now in the last week but had never heard of it before that! I'm gonna have to look it up and find out how to play - sounds fun!