Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday (version 2.0)

Before I get into all that, please continue your prayers for Stellan...I know they're much appreciated!

Now, on to confess what I have and (have not) done over the past few hours...

So my birthday weekend (was not) amazing and fun. We (did not) spend Friday with great friends playing rock band, eating jerk burgers {my request...I (do not) LOVE my beef!}, and teaching guessed it...hand and foot. We (did not) leave at a very late hour and I (did not) stay up until 3 am watching tv after Anthony dropped me back at my house. I'm (not) a night owl at heart and (did not) decide to indulge that part of me.

Saturday I most certainly (did not) sleep in and upon waking (did not) decide that since it was my birthday I would be lazy and do nothing of a productive nature...I (would never!) do something like that. It (was not) an absolutely *gorgeous* day, which (did not) thrill me since it had been predicted that it would be rainy and gloomy all day long. That afternoon I (did not) go to rehearsal and then sing at Mass...and we (did not) have tornado watches and warnings by the time service ended at 6 pm! We (did not) decide to still go out to a Mexican place for dinner with the choir, and I (did not...absolutely DID NOT) end up with a sombrero on my head...and there is (absolutely NO)
photographic evidence of this on multiple cameras!

Sunday I (did not) end up piddling around getting ready for church and my friend Angie's visit that I was late to class with the youth was all good though :0) After class and church we (did not) go to the zoo where the main attraction (was not) WHITE BABY TIGERS!!! :0) Our zoo (does not) have them for only a couple of months, so this (was not) a special thing. Of course, Anthony (did not) drag me into the reptile house on the way... :0) On the way out of the zoo we (did not) stop by the gift shop where I (did not) fall in love with a stuffed white baby tiger...which Anthony (did not) sweetly buy for me.

After the zoo I (did not) babysit for a small groups--I (did not) get to play with 4 adorable boys between the ages of 11-22 months...and they (were not) a ton of fun! And after I (didn't) do that, I
(did not) drive back across town to my house, where one of my best friends from high school (was not) waiting for me at my house...because she's (not) here to spend a couple of days! We (did not) turn around and immediately go to the Pub, which (is not) one of my favorite places, and I (did not) meet up with some other friends there.

I (do not) have pictures of all of this posted on facebook, and I certainly (will not) post some of them here. Oh, and I most certainly (don't) have video footage of the WHITE BABY TIGERS :0)



Laura said...

What's a jerk burger?
I don't know.
Is it jerk seasoning in a burger?

Ashley said...

Wow sounds like a crazy busy week but happy birthday!

Leslie said...

LOL.. that's great, I love it!!