Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday's Ten

Had a bit of a block today. It's bad when seriously consider writing Ten Things I Need to Get Done Today. Or Ten Things to Buy at Target Later. Or Ten Reasons I Want to Go Back to Bed. So today is all about "better things"

Ten Things to Look Forward To

1. a visit from an old friend this weekend
2. a clean house (because of aforementioned visit)
3. Hand and Foot (card game) tournament that the boyfriend and I have been invited to play in this weekend...woo-hoo!
4. Sunday worship at my 2 churches
5. getting paid... :0)
6. working in my garden a bit--I got SO excited this week when I saw a bit of green amidst all the brown and realized that my tulips are getting ready to bloom and my rosebush is priming for spring and summer
7. spring officially begins tomorrow!
8. playing Little Big Planet and watching Dark Knight with the boy tonight. Oh, and he's cooking dinner for us. Fun!
9. getting outside more for exercise now that it's becoming beautiful in mid-TN and possibly joining WW (again with the boy) to gain some healthy eating habits. I think I do fairly well in this area, but the last 20 pounds or so say that I could tweak a few things!
10. my birthday next week :0)



angie said...

I'm excited for the offical start of Spring, too! :)

Trina said...

I'm SO excited for spring also! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Leslie said...

I'm excited for the weekend too!!! Have fun with your friend!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

So glad you visited my blog, I enjoyed reading yours too!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
♥ T.

Wolf said...

i've been in the garden this week too! we have quite a bit of green and even some blooms already!

i can't wait for the weekend. i need a day to sleep in!

KDLOST said...

thanks for stopping by my blog... have been enjoying checking out your etsy! :) also great blog! cheers!

Marrdy said...

Wow, what a list. And most of them this weekend? Thanks for stopping by. I too love comments.

Ashley said...

I just left weight watchers cuz I didn't want to pay anymore but let me tell you, these last 10 pounds I'm trying to get rid of are the hardest!