Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday's Ten

As for my drive in today...may I please refer you here?

In the (anti)spirit of today's weather, I'm going to tell you 10 things I love...about SPRING

1. 7 days after the official beginning of spring is my birthday (the 28th!)
2. trees are budding and blooming, and even though the Bradford pear trees aggravate my allergies, they're worth it

3. jonquils (daffodils according to some of you)
4. warmer weather is on the way!
5. for just a few weeks, no heat OR air needs to be on in the house. yay for ceiling fans. and cheap electric bills.
6. working in my garden--even though I truly don't know what I'm doing out there!
7. sunroof open in the car 24/7
8. summery drinks become more appropriate (mojito, anyone?)
9. flip-flops also become more appropriate. not that I haven't worn them some all winter long...
10. we jump forward an hour and FINALLY I get out of the funk I've been since we "fell back".

(by the way, 3 more posts until my 100th! If you haven't asked me a question...or you want to ask me might want to do that soon!)



Laura said...

The jump forward means the world to me.
All of the sudden, I begin to achieve more during the day.
Except for the allergies...I love spring!!

Cathy said...

Oh, how I love spring! I can't wait until it is here to stay...that is, until summer. Thanks for stopping by my place meeting my SITStas!

Sara said...

If I could figure out how to jump forward and take that hour of sleep with me I'd be a happy camper!

But I'm definitely down for the mojitos! : )

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Hooray for Spring! It can't come fast enough - and hooray for sunroofs! Or is it sunrooves?

Leslie said...

I love love love spring!!! :) Good reasons, loved the list. My favorite reason for spring: BASEBALL!!! :)

Liz said...

I love spring too...I live in Atlanta, GA and we got a taste of spring earlier this week, but now it's rainy and cold again. Yuck!

It's great to "get to know you" through your blog.

Have a great weekend!

HappyascanB said...

Love your list! Found you through Lynnette's featuring you. Cute blog!!

CornFedMama said...

Congratulations on your feature in Getting To Know You! Thanks for the great top 10 list, i can't wait for the flip-flops either! i hope you have a blessed weekend!

Wolf said...

i am sooooooooooo excited for spring! we were teased with several days of sunshine and warm weather, only to return to 30-40 degree days. i can't wait...i should have moved somewhere where it was always nice...what was i thinking?

Sarah Robbins said...

I LOVE springtime- it means my favorite summer season here in the desert is on its way! I must say, the wildflowers and spring breezes are my favorite.

Mindy May said...

I love this post. What a great way to anticipate what is coming our way hopefully soon!
I found you through the "getting to know you".

Lucy said...

I LOVE spring - and watching for the signs of it coming. I've never heard of daffodils called jonquils...isn't it funny how we differ around the world?

I've not quite made it into flip flops yet, but you've put the idea in my head!!

Kristin said...

I'm very ready for Spring too! Yay for the lower electric bills!

Jaycee said...

Yea! You're featured blogger on Lynette's Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground blog! You go girl!

And I'm crazy about spring, too!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Hi there, Lora. I am so with you on loving spring and cannot wait! I was surprised to be featured on Lynette's getting to know you, too. I scrambled to post something this morning before work, and noticed (just now) that one of my sentences didn't even make sense!!! Oh, well...humility is good. I really enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog.

Blessings To You,

Jadehollow said...

I LOVE Spring! Spring sprung a lil early here in Ga.. then it was rudely interrupted by 4 inches of snow last week. The snow hung around for about 3 days and I thought all of the spring blooms were surely gone from the freeze. Amazingly Spring survived and is back with all it's beautiful glory.
Have a Blessed weekend!

Bethany said...

I looove spring! We had one day in the 70s here and it was AWESOME. I always forget our birthdays are just a month apart :D

Karen said...

Oh how I love Spring also! It makes me feel like everything is going to be OK! I heard about your blog From Lynette and wanted to stop by and say Hi!

AndreaLeigh said...

for just a few weeks, no heat OR air needs to be on in the house. yay for ceiling fans. and cheap electric bills.

amen! me too!

sarah in the woods said...

#4 is my favorite! Nice to meet you.