Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday

What have learned from another woman this week? (or ever)

Today I'd like to talk about Erin.

Erin and I met when I was visiting the Catholic church that I now regularly visit. A friend of mine who played in the handbell choir invited me to go out to eat/drink with them right after mass the second time I visited, and Erin was among the people at the restaurant. I was honored to meet her--she was the cantor with the choir and I was blown away by her amazingly beautiful voice and spirit during service. I was even more impressed with her personality and charm in person.

We had been chatting for a few minutes when we realized that we both lived in the same sub-section of Nashville...then in the same neighborhood...then realized that our townhomes are a building away from each other. Small world! In further conversation I found out that her husband is one of the worship ministers at the church...and this lead to some pretty serious involvement in their music and worship ministry on my part. I made sure they knew that I'm not Catholic by birth or conversion, and they were fine with it. So yes...I sing in the early mass choir on the way down the road to Woodmont most every week!

Erin has become a wonderful friend. She has taught me so much about perseverance. Shortly after I met her I found out that her mother had terminal cancer. In February of last year she passed away. Then Erin had surgery on her thyroid--which took her out of singing for about 6 months--and they found out that she too had cancer. Her brother died of cancer this past November. I have remained heartbroken for her family through all of this, and yet she remains so full of faith and optimism that she ends up encouraging me every time I speak to her.

When I lost my job, she became one of the people who created something for me to do--babysitting her dog, and reorganizing her entire filing system. I was so appreciative of this gesture from someone who I had known for just a little over a year.

Erin is a woman of strong faith who inspires me to rise above any circumstances that come my way. She is an amazing woman and I am SO proud to call her my friend.



Shanda said...

I enjoyed reading about Erin. I love how God brings people together in His perfect timing. I didn't know that you were musical!

Lisa Cheney said...

what a great tribute to your friend!!! she is lucky to have you too:)

Alex the Girl said...

Erin sounds like a wonderful woman. Thank you for sharing your friendship, and for stopping by my blog earlier. As a cancer survivor, I know that she will need her friends surrounding her in what is to come. Perhaps this is why God brought the two of you together?