Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen Indeed!

So we echoed this morning with the countless others in chorus (probably at the same time as many of you!).

It's always amazing to sit through the Easter service 3 times as an active participant. This year was no different. All the anticipation of Lent, all the mourning, the's over. It's like something inside me wanted to burst forth this morning!

Our pastor read the "1st edition" of the resurrection story from the book of Mark, ending at verse 8 where the women who had just encountered the angel at the tomb went home and didn't say anything to anyone because they were terrified.

Now, obviously they got over that. And the point of Dean's sermon is that WE are the bearers of the story. We continue it on, and we tell it in the way we live our everyday life.

Father, may my life be a reflection of You, may I continue to share YOUR story with all those I encounter

I'll close with this thought and video (Sunday's song).
My friend Gwen sent an email earlier today that made me smile. One of the songs that Beth, Lindsay, Gwen and I listened to a lot in college was this very one. Beth and I both had a copy on cd and we would take turns blasting it. Not any of our normal choices in musical style, but we all loved the powerful message contained. And it applies so well with the sermon that I heard three times today: We've just seen Jesus. We will never--can never--be the same again...and it is we who will tell the story.




April said...

I am glad that this week has been so meaningful for you. I did not prepare my heart throught the week like you did but I think that is a great idea that I will try next year

Lucy said...

we,too, looked at how the resurrection radically alters our lives - an encounter with the risen Jesus changes everything. He is risen....

Brooke said...

Happy Easter - a day late, but its really a holiday that goes with us every day, or a least should.

Shanda said...

"It's like something inside me wanted to burst forth this morning!"

Amen sister! He is Risen Indeed!!