Monday, April 27, 2009

Who me? Couldn't Be!

Admit it. You're as dorky as I am, and you completed the title.

(or you have NO idea what I'm talking about, and you're further convinced that I'm a loon)

Either way, it's time to tell you all the things I've not been doing for the past few days. Before I get too far into it though, you should head to McMama's blog to check on Stellan's progress. Still praying!

SO, what I've not been doing lately.

First of all, as I sit here writing this at 10 am, I am not starving. It's not like I did not eat dinner last night and have coffee this morning. What gives?

I did not become slightly disappointed on Wednesday that there was no new LOST. I am not addicted to enamored with slightly interested in this show. I did not receive a facebook wall post from Anthony the other day which did not include this video. If you're not a LOST fan you
should definitely not watch it.

On Thursday night, Anthony and I did not cook vodka pasta for his sister and her boyfriend...and we did not play Uno Attack afterwards. We were not incredibly competitive and cut-throat throughout the whole game. That's not how we roll. Nope.

Friday was not a gorgeous day and I did not take advantage of it as much as possible. Sara and I were not supposed to get together to go for a hike on the greenway until she had unforeseen circumstances. However, I did not strike out on my own for about 3 miles...and I didn't feel great afterwards!

Friday evening I did not host a girls' night in. I did not make some new recipes which I will not be posting here in the coming weeks. We were not stuffed. We did not just sit around and watch the sweet English bulldog that I was babysitting the entire night. We're more exciting than that!

Speaking of the English bulldog, this sweet puppy did not stay at my house from Wednesday to this morning. I did not love it. Not a lot.

isn't she not adorable?!

I have not already blogged about my fantastic weekend, so I suppose I should not skip it here for fear of being long-winded and repetitive :-)

I am not off "work" today, and most certainly am not taking advantage by still being in my pajamas. I would never sit around, catch up on blogs and blogging and watch tv all morning. I did not cry at a movie already today. I'm not a sap.

And as I wrap this up, I'm not considering going to the kitchen for a snack. It most likely won't be the espresso caramel bars I blogged about the other day. Or Cheesecake Factory leftovers. Nope, I'll grab a carrot.



Brooke said...

i used the break to get caught up - i still hadn't seen the one from two weeks ago "that douche is my dad."

Tamela said...

Thanks for the comment! It's always nice to find a fellow preds fan!! I started following you, hope you don't mind!

Bethany said...

LOL you crack me up ;) I was wondering who that dog was when I saw a pic of you with it! I had today off too, and when I read this was totally thinking, "Wow, she's posting early, since it's only Sunday night..." haha yea I live in dream land (aka I took a sanity day!)

Whitney said...

I love the English Bulldog pic! Bulldogs-types are so adorable. I have a Boston Terrier, and my mom has a pug. There so sweet and cuddly, too. But, of course, they do look tough!

Controlling My Chaos said...

I love that Bull Dog. I bet you wanted to keep it.